Top 10 Best Waterproof Shower Panels 2020 Reviews

Are you looking to improve your bathroom aesthetics? Are you looking for something to maintain your privacy? Do you sick of washing and changing your shower curtain every month or so? Then, this article is for you. Shower curtains can help solve most of these problems: keeping your privacy, mildew-free, and the rest of your bathroom floor clean and dry. It is among the most essential household items. Thus, you must make the right decision.

It does not matter if you’re decorating your new place or replacing your old worn-out curtains, this article is going to help you not regret your decision. There are countless styles and types of shower curtains in the market. In this article, we have scoured through all the curtains in the market and selected the top 10 best waterproof shower curtains for you. On top of the detailed reviews, we are also providing you with a comprehensive buying guide.

Product Features:

Material: This is arguably the main factor for considerations in regards to the water-resistance function. For a shower curtain to be highly durable and safe, it needs to be made with high-quality materials. It could be made from polyester, or cotton, or other PEVA material. No matter which material it is made from, it needs to be waterproof and bacterial resistant. It should also be easy to clean. With the right curtain, it would keep your bathroom clean and safe as well as lessen your burden of cleaning or scrubbing the molds off the floor or walls. Look at the product description very carefully, and make sure that it provides these benefits to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Dimensions: It does not matter if it is made from the highest quality materials if it does not fit your bathroom space, it is a waste of money. You need to check out the size of the shower curtain that you wish to purchase. There is a huge variety in terms of sizing and dimensions. Pick the one that is ideal for your bathroom size. It could be a 72 x 72 inches, or 72 x 96 inches for shorter or longer windows or bathroom area.

Grommets: On top of all this, it also needs to be easy to use and install. Opt for something that comes with grommets or hooks to ensure easy installation and safety. With the built-in holes and grommets, you should be able to set up the shower curtain fairly easily. On top of that, it is also safe and prevents tearing. With a good-quality design, you will be able to use the curtain for a long time. If it has magnetic hems, that is a huge plus as well.

Style: Practicality aside, you also need your curtain to be pretty and fit with the rest of your bathroom decors or design. With the right design and color, you will be able to have a cool and stylish bathroom in no time. It is also an easy and affordable option to lift up the atmosphere of your bathroom from a plain one to a tropical or spa paradise.

10. Riyidecor White Floral Damask All Around Shower Curtain Set

Riyidecor White Floral Damask All Around Shower Curtain Set

To start off, we have this Riyidecore all-around shower curtain set at the number tenth spot. It is made of Vinyl fabric with PEVA material with a white floral pattern. With its material, we can ensure that it is waterproof and long-lasting. The design is also very simple and modern. This functions as an eco-friendly and home bathroom décor as well as keeping your bathroom clean and safe. It can be washed easily in the washing machine with cold water and tumble dry. You will not have to worry about getting new curtains each time it gets dirty. It comes with a 32 pack shower hooks for easy installation. With this product, you can shower or take a bath in peace without having to worry about privacy, splashing water everywhere, or mildew.


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Good quality material and design
  • Waterproof and mold-proof

9. UFRIDAY Fabric White Shower Curtain

UFRIDAY Fabric White Shower Curtain

Next, we have the shower curtain by UFRIDAY. This curtain is made with 100% polyester fabric and a white layer of gauze. It is to ensure that water can glide off and dry quickly. Alongside its waterproof function, it also comes with a light-filtering mesh window to let light seeps in the shower or tub while maintaining your privacy. It offers a variety of sizes, width, and length for different bathroom measurements and circumstances. On top of that, the minimal design also provides several color options as well from minimal white to burgundy to navy blue and many more. The product comes with a set of plastic shower curtain rings on top of the shower curtain itself.


  • Water glides and dries quickly
  • Polyester fabric with mesh window design
  • Variety of sizes and colors

8. Lazzzy Ombre Shower Curtain Lilac for Bathroom

Lazzzy Ombre Shower Curtain Lilac for Bathroom

Next on our list, we have the ombre shower curtain by Lazzzy. It is made with 100% durable polyester fabric for quick drying and soft in touch. The fabric is coated with a waterproof layer to make sure that water glides off easily and prevents soaking. It keeps your product and bathroom clean and fresh even after a longer period of usage. The curtain itself is designed stylishly with an ombre-effect for a fashionable look with 4 color options available. The fabric is sturdy and easy to maintain as it is machine washable. The package does not only come with the curtain but also 12 metal hooks for easy installation and usage.


  • Fashionable
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Waterproof and durable

7. jinchan Ombre Shower Curtain Lilac for Bathroom

jinchan Ombre Shower Curtain Lilac for Bathroom

Similar to the previous product, this is an ombre shower curtain by the brand Jinchan. This product offers both waterproof ability and long-lasting use. It is made of high-quality polyester fabric that is 100% water-resistant. If you install it in your bathroom, you won’t have to worry about it soaking up the water creating mold or any bacterial infections. It is made to keep your bathroom stylish, fresh, and clean. There are 8 color options available all of which are machine washable and fashionable. This product ensures efficient set-up with the 12 metal hooks that come with the high-quality curtain.


  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy set-up
  • Variety of styles and sizes

6. RYB HOME Blackout Curtains Outdoor – Portable Patio Curtain

RYB HOME Blackout Curtains Outdoor - Portable Patio Curtain

Next on our list, we have the portable patio curtain by Ryb Home. This product is made with 100% polyester material that is both light-proof and water-proof. It is designed to be used outdoor with its 85-95% light block and thermally insulated technology to balance out both heat and cold. With this curtain, you will be able to relax in a comfort zone without worrying that it might get moldy or wet in the long run. This product is also easy to maintain with quick ironing or steam cleaning as well as machine-washable. This curtain package comes with the curtain panels and a tap top that can fit most standard curtain rod on the market.


  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Waterproof and light-blockage
  • Versatile, durable and high-quality

5. jinchan Waterproof Shower Curtain for Bathroom

jinchan Waterproof Shower Curtain for Bathroom

Switching the lane to the top half of our list, here we have the second shower curtain by Jinchang. This product offers similar features and benefits to the previous option. The curtain is made with good-quality polyester materials that are machine washable and water-resistant. It does not need much effort to set up and take off for cleaning. The curtain panels come with pre-punched holes and shower curtain hooks. It measures 70 inches wide and 72 inches long, which is suitable for most bathroom or bathtub. On top of that, the factor that makes it ranked higher than the other model is the stylish design that comes in 3 colors to fit in any décor. You can use this product to redesign and add some liveliness to your bathroom.


  • Well-designed
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Stylish and popular

4. Exclusive Home Curtains Indoor/Outdoor

Exclusive Home Curtains Indoor/Outdoor

Moving up the list, we have the indoor/outdoor curtain by the brand Exclusive Home Curtains. This is made from 100% polyester water repellant and mildew resistant fabric. You will never have to worry about your curtains catching the mold or becoming soaked over time. It has a wide range of colors to bring out the fashionable and stylish side to any outdoor or indoor living space. It also offers UV Ray resistant which is a plus for outdoor use on the cabana, gazebo, covered patio, and such. The curtain panel itself is easy to care for. You can do spot clean or hand wash window treatment curtains. You can also iron to remove any creases or wrinkles from the packaging. If you make this purchase, you will get 2 curtain panels of equal size, 8 matte silver stainless steel grommets per panel, and other necessities to help you set up.


  • Mildew and water-resistant
  • Comes with grommets
  • Perfect for outdoor use

3. YQN No Hook Shower Curtain with Magnet

YQN No Hook Shower Curtain with Magnet

We’re starting the top 3 waterproof curtains with this shower curtain by YQN. It is made with polyester materials with a mesh sheer window. This allows water to evaporate faster so that the shower curtain dries out quicker and allows more light to come in the shower. The curtain itself can be hung up effortlessly within seconds hook free. You can just get the liners with the built-in magnets to help set up the curtains. This product is also waterproof, mildew proof, and machine washable. The liner is removable with its snap-in buckles which you can find separately. With this curtain, you won’t have to stress about huge spending or high-maintenance cleaning.


  • Replaceable and cost-saving
  • Bright, clean and waterproof
  • Hook free design

2. NICETOWN Outdoor Curtain for Patio Waterproof Extra Long

NICETOWN Outdoor Curtain for Patio Waterproof Extra Long

The second best waterproof curtain is the outdoor curtain by NICETOWN. It is made of polyester fabric that is waterproof and blocks out the sunlight. It is durable enough to be used in the rain, wind, or shine. The triple weave technology can block out the sunlight, keep cool as well as work as space dividers. The material is of high-quality and easy to care for. The curtain can be used over a long time, and it will maintain its beauty. You can wash it in the washing machine or iron in low-temperature. The package comes with rustproof grommets that are made from silver stainless steel. It can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain and remains exquisite for its high-quality anti-rust technology. The curtain comes in 1 panel per package in different sizes and dimensions as well as different colors ranging from tan to white to brown.


  • High-quality material
  • Stylish, durable and high-performance
  • Rustproof grommets

1. NICETOWN Patio Outdoor Curtain

NICETOWN Patio Outdoor Curtain

Moving along, this is the number 1 waterproof curtain in the market. This is another model by the brand NICETOWN. It is an update on the previous model. Similarly, it is made with 100% polyester fabric that is designed with triple weave technology. The product is known for its waterproof ability, windbreak, and sunblock ability. Due to this, it is the optimal choice for both outdoor and indoor use such as on your porch, balcony, patio, cabana, and such. The curtain is also designed to be thick enough to withstand long use over time. The design is slightly different from the previous one with the tap top design that provides a more fashionable, elegant, and unique look. It is also very easy to hang up and the grommets that come with the package are rust-free. The loops on the curtain panels can be slide directly over a rod without any use of grommet. Just like any NICETOWN product, it is machine washable, ironable, and reusable. The design is more minimal in terms of colors and designs.


  • Unique and thoughtful design
  • High-quality materials
  • High-performance and durable
  • Efficient and effective


In conclusion, we understand that you are overwhelmed with all this information as you have just read the reviews of the top 10 best waterproof curtains on the market. All of them provide reliable waterproof technology and quality. Each one of the top 10 ranks is unique in its own way. Hopefully, with our comprehensive buying guides and detailed reviews, you will be able to decide which curtain is the best fit for your needs, circumstances, and financial conditions. Consider all the features and benefits of each curtain carefully so that you can get your money’s worth. Happy Shopping!

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